PatientCoach wants to support patients with a chronic condition in self-management.

Self-management assumes that patients know what their illness entails and what the consequences and options are, so that they can fit their chronic illness into their lives as best as possible.

The patient and his/her caregivers are central to this process. PatientCoach uses meetings with patients and healthcare providers and innovative internet techniques that are well integrated into healthcare.

A PatientCoach program consists of introductory meetings and training in conjunction with an open and secure web portal with customized applications. Information, self-measurements, treatment and self-management plans are integrated through a unique combination of web applications, in line with the individual goals and possibilities of the patient as closely as possible. In addition, e-consultations, contact with fellow sufferers and the exchange of experiences are also possible. If desired, healthcare providers can look over their shoulders, think along and cooperate via their own web portal.

At the moment we focus on supporting patients with asthma and COPD. The PatientCoach methods are based on scientific research, and their ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life of patients.